Want to host a really wild birthday party? Consider adding Noah's Landing to the guest list! Throughout the year, we bring our most kid-tested, mom-approved critters to parties around North Carolina for a party your guests will never forget!

Bring Our Animals To You

One of our guides will bring a variety of fuzzy and scaled critters to the party for an hour-long program. We'll introduce the animals, including fun facts about their lives in the wild, and then set aside some time for hands-on interaction. ($275 minimum for eight species.  No additional charges within a 40 mile radius of the zoo)

Theme programs:

Un-Fur-Gettable: For the crowd that wants soft and cuddly, bring some of our favorite mammals to the party (with one feathered exception). Fennec fox, chinchilla, hedgehog, hairy armadillo, capuchin monkey (not touchable), and Mollucan cockatoo.

Scales and Tails: For the creepy, crawlie loving reptile enthusiast in your household. Consider bringing our: American alligator, ball python, rose-haired tarantula, bearded dragon, blue tongue skink, and leopard tortoise.

Animal Antics: A line-up of our silliest critters with zany defense mechanisms and boundless energy sure to surprise and delight! Capuchin monkey (not touchable), hairy armadillo, striped skunk, Molluccan cockatoo, hedgehog, and bearded dragon.

Creatures of the Night: Planning a party that stays up all night? So do these critters! Learn how nocturnal animals survive in the wild. Consider: fennec fox, ball python, striped skunk, chinchilla, hairy armadillo, and kinkajou.

'Round the World: Perfect for an education-themed party, our 'round the world theme features a different type of animal from different corners of the globe. Consider: Mollucan cockatoo (bird, Australia), striped skunk (mammal, North America), ball python (reptile, Africa), rose-haired tarantula (invertebrate, Central American), hairy armadillo (mammal, South America), and leopard tortoise (reptile, Africa.)

You can also check our traveling animal list to build your own program!

Come to the Zoo

Or, maybe you'd rather bring the party to us! Make an appointment at Noah's Landing and we'll make sure a tour guide is standing by to help with your group. You can plan the party on our picnic tables or just come for the tour! (Group rates apply ($10/person) if the group is larger than 20 people. The birthday child comes free.)

Booking a party:

To book your party call the zoo at 910.897.1555 to check the availability of your dates. Want to know more? Send us an e-mail at: info@noahslanding2x2.com and we'll try to help!

Birthday Parties
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