Capuchin Monkey Vervet Monkey Kinkajou
Spotted Genets Ring-Tailed Lemurs Green Tree Iguana
Potbellied Pics Bennett Wallaby African Crested Porcupines
Tegu Kune Kune Pig New Guinea Singing Dogs
Rose-Haired Tarantula Emu Northern Raccoon
Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches Muntjac Deer Peacock
African Geese Prehensile Tail Porcupines Striped Skunk
Sacred Ibis Serval Cats Timberwolves
African Spur-Thigh Tortoises Fennec Foxes Molluccan Cockatoo
Leopard Tortoises Springhare Blue and Gold Macaw
Russian Tortoises Virginia Oppossum Flemish Giant Rabbits
Box Turtles Bengal Cats Jacobian Pigeons
Chinchilla Prairie Dogs Bushbaby
Hedgehogs Kookaburra African Crown Crane
Two-Toed Sloth Short Tail Oppossum Ball Python
Blue Tongue Skink Uromastyx Fat Tail Gecko
King Snake Leopard Gecko Crested Geckos
Hissing Cockroaches Giant Millipedes Hairy Armadillo
American Alligator Jamaican Fruit Bats Micro Mini Pig
Prairie Dogs Common Marmoset Geoffrey's Marmoset
Our Herd

At the heart of our mission is one amazing group of critters. Most have been collected from all over the United States and some have been born on our farm. But all are as unique as they are fun. We select our animals and particular breeds for a variety of reasons — education and interaction at the forefront. We chose African Crested Porcupines, for example, because, contrary to popular myth, they cannot throw their quills. Fennec foxes give lessons on adaptation in hot, arid climates. Each of our animals has their own lesson to teach.

We also spend many hours interacting with our animals so that they are familiar with human contact. This way, they are more likely to come close for our visitors to see or be tame enough so that our tour guides can take them from their pen. We truly try to make the Noah’s Landing experience “a world of animals at your fingertips…”

Stay tuned for big news this spring about new animals joining our herd in April and June!

Current Animal List (Updated March 2015)

Our Herd
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